Now that New Year’s Day has passed, my guess is there will be many more new Bodyrockers.  Many beginners have the same questions.   I began to save my answers to common questions a while ago; here is my collection. 

There is a summary of links in this post at the end of the page.
(I am not affiliated with or The Daily HIIT in anyway other than that I do the workouts, & I am not a trainer.  I am not liable or responsible if you injure yourself while doing a workout anywhere.  Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.  This post is all my opinion & is not endorsed by anyone at or The Daily HIIT.)
You may have stumbled across this page while checking out a recipe. & the Daily HIIT are amazing websites that provide free, short, intense workouts that can be done at home with little or no equipment.  The people who do these workouts call themselves Bodyrockers.  A friend told me about Bodyrock in February of 2011, & I have been hooked since.
The Daily HIIT posts new workouts almost daily, & is completely self contained.  The videos show proper technique, give you a breakdown of the routine, & even have a timer built in in case you need it.  The new site makes jumping into these workouts easy.  Here is the “Getting Started” page from The Daily HIIT.

If that’s intimidating to you or you want a more structured guide, there are beginner guides on  In Jan 2012 they posted a visual quick start guide, which you can find here.  Another post, “How to Start Working Out with Us At Home” is helpful.  There are few posts about the equipment used, as well as homemade alternatives.  Not all alternatives are listed in that post, especially because many alternatives have been posted within workout comment threads by Bodyrockers.  I have a few of them linked later in this guide. 
The best way to start is to just do a workout.   No matter how intimidating a workout looks, it can always be made easier through modification.   If a new workout isn’t posted, just pick one from the hundreds archived on the site (Some of the older workouts no longer have a main image associated with the post.  Those older workouts are still available.)
If you like structure, a 30-day challenge began in Jan 2012.  Here is a link to the first workout (Fit Test), & here is a link to the whole challenge.  If you are overwhelmed by these workouts, just pick another one from the archives!  The Daily HIIT frequently posts new challenges as well.
It may seem unbelievable that these short workouts can be effective.  The topic was constantly discussed in the comments on when it was the main site.  Much of that conversation occurs on Facebook now.  Take time to read through Bodyrockers’ posts (Bodyrockers section).  Many people have similar stories regarding increased fitness following these workouts rather than hour long cardio sessions/weightlifting sessions.  Personally, I am fitter than I was before Bodyrocking, & I was a disciplined gym-rat before. 
When I started, I used to spend about 1-1 1/2 hours at the gym (not including warm up/cool down), so I was skeptical about the short workouts being effective. I don’t know about everyone else, but this is what I do:
5-8 min
12-40 min
Workout (whichever I choose for the day. I usually do just one….sometimes I’ll combine them but not often)
3-5 min
Bonus. I usually add a “bonus” of about 3-5 min of extra things.  Lately, they’ve been doing this as part of the workout.
0-20 min
Cardio – either the interval skipping I mentioned before, running, or walking if I’m super wiped out from the workout. I don’t always do extra cardio.
10-20 min

I still spend about an hour working out, but it is more efficient & effective than my old routine.  The workout is always different, so I don’t get bored.  I often workout on my hour-long lunch break; these workouts are perfect.  I don’t use my gym membership anymore, but these workouts can be done in a gym.  I have most of the equipment used, but I accumulated it slowly.  The equipment is not necessary, & there are always modifications you can do either at home, work, or the gym (more detail below).
Here is something a Bodyrocker wrote, which was posted on the site in March 2010:
I wanted to share something with you that I thought you might like to hear. I bought myself one of those BodyBugg things (you wear it on your arm and it counts calories) anyhow….I did an experiment. One week I did my regular workouts at the gym, such as their bootcamp class, aerobics, weight training and when I plugged my bodybugg into my computer I averaged 6.4 calories burned per minute in those classes (and the Bootcamp is an interval class). The next week I did your awesome Tabata style workouts and guess what???? I averaged 11.4 calories per minute with your workout, dripped with sweat, and held a longer afterburn too! So….that proved to me in a more concrete way that your workouts are more effective at burning calories…which explains to me why working out with you has been more effective than what I was doing with my trainer, which I already knew but it’s nice to have actual evidence as to why. 
The workouts are constructed in 2 different ways, usually:  Intervals, or Time Challenge.  Sometimes, Sean does Pyramid/Ladder workouts.

You work for a fixed period of time, with very short breaks.  The breaks are just long enough to write how many reps you did for that round, & to move to the next exercise.  Your goal is to move as quickly as you can with good form.  Always keep good form rather than race through.  Also, as you get tired and form suffers, switch to an easier variation & keep moving rather than just stop.

“10/30” means 10 seconds rest (when you write down your reps), 30 seconds work (pushing to your maximum).  If there are 4 exercises & you’re going to repeat them all 3 times (12 rounds total), rounds 1-4 (round 1*) you will complete 1 set of each exercise, one following the next, then rounds 5-8(round 2*) would repeat that, & rounds 9-12 (round 3*) repeat again.    Many workouts follow this format.  There is usually a workout breakdown posted with the video so that you know how to set your timer.  See 1/10/2011 Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Workout for an example of this type of format in action (this should help you set up how to write down reps, too):

24 rounds, 24 min total      
1. set timer for 10 sec/50 sec 24 rounds
2. hit start
 [beep after 10 sec]
3. mountain climber sprints
[beep after 50 sec] stop & write reps [beep after 10 sec]
4. single leg raises
[beep after 50 sec] stop & write reps [beep after 10 sec]
5. mountain climber sprints
[beep after 50 sec] stop & write reps [beep after 10 sec]
6. sandbag squat + kick up
[beep after 50 sec] stop & write reps [beep after 10 sec]
7. mountain climber sprints
[beep after 50 sec] stop & write reps [beep after 10 sec]
8. tricep knee raises
[beep after 50 sec] stop & write reps [beep after 10 sec]
Repeat steps 3-8 for the other 3 rounds.
I usually note any substitutions/modifications I made as well as how much weight I used, if applicable.  This is so that I can try to beat my scores if I repeat a workout.  I also write the date I completed a workout, the date the workout was posted, & its title so that I can find it easily later.
Occasionally the format changes so that you finish all sets of 1 exercise before moving on to the next one (Psychopath workout or Pumped Up Kicks are each a good example of that).   For workouts like these, rather than completing a set of each move sequentially in a round, you will be finishing all sets of one exercise in multiple rounds before moving to the next exercise. 
Here’s what my workout log looked like for the Pumped Up Kicks Workout:
PUMPED UP KICKS WORKOUT 10/30 sec, 24 rounds, 16 min 
frop hop + 2 push ups
high knee skipping
SB clean press + squat press
high knee skipping
SB around the world squat, alt direction
high knee skipping
UGI jump lunge swing
high knee skipping
elevated push-up 
high knee skipping
mid-side (alt side) hanging knee raise on DS 
Bonus 10/50 sec, 3 rounds, 3 min
side plank bicycle RT  
hanging knee raise on DS 
side plank bicycle LT 
Another other way that the workouts are constructed is as a “time challenge.”  These workouts have a fixed number of reps, & your goal is to complete them as quickly as possible, with good form.  Form is always more important than speed.  For these, I write out each exercise, the # reps, & a description or sketch if needed.
These workouts are very challenging.  You will start with a certain number & complete than number of reps for each exercise.  For the next round, you will do one less round of each rep, & continue in that fashion until you get to one rep.
Round 1
Round  2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8
Round 9
Round 10
Hanging Knee Raises
Side Jump Lunges
Pike Press Jump Tuck
Bodyrock has tabs in the “workout” section for warm-up & cool-down.   There are a few of each to choose from if you don’t have a routine you like already.  I’m sure you know this, but it’s important to do both.   When I started, I had a little chart I put in my workout log so that I could remember what stretches to do.

WARMUP ROUTINE: 27 rounds 15sec à  6:45
1. Shoulder Rolls
10. Jump in Place
19. Scissors
2. Arm scissors (hug)
11. Fwd-Backward Jump
20. Lunge hip stretch (L)
3. Arm Chops (like swimming)
12. Side to Side Jump
21. Floor hamstring stretch (L)
4. Wrist circles
13. Twist Jump
22. Lunge hip stretch (R)
5. Ankle rolls RT
14. Jacks
23. Floor hamstring stretch (R)
6. Knee Circle RT (rt knee bent, trace wide circles with toe)
15. ½ jump squat
24. Upper body twist
7. Captain Hip open/close
16. Side to side leg lift
25. Fwd Bend Twist
8. March in Place
17. Reach across side lunge
26. Side to Side reach
9. Jog in Place
18. High kick to opp hand
27. Yoga fwd bend stretch
STRETCHING ROUTINE:  10-15 sec hold, work to 20-30 sec. 10-15 min
1. Walk in place to cool down
10. Sit, 1 leg straight, other bent, forehead to knee, flat back
2. Chin up/down on inhale/exhale
11. Frog: kneel, knees wide, feet side flat, go to forearms, butt stays btw knees
3. Fwd Bend Twist on in/exhale
12.  Sit, legs wide, walk out & back slowly, knees stay pointed up
4. Arm across chest shoulder stretch
13. Cobra
5. Arm behind head triceps stretch
14. Down dog, after few breaths, bend knees
6. Arm behind back shoulder stretch
15. Cat stretch on all  fours
7. Kneel, hand on mat,  fingers to knees bicep stretch
16. Sit, legs extended, touch toes
8. Kneel, clasp hands behind back,  lift hand up
17. Lying Back stretch
9. Lunge hip stretch, chest up à hamstring
18. Pretzel  stretch

The workouts are very challenging, & you control how intense your workout is.  If you are wiped out, then celebrate a great workout!  If you feel up to doing more, add something you enjoy.  Some people do more than one workout, some run, & many of us follow the workouts with jumping/skipping rope.  If you are new to it, try interval skipping in 10/20sec intervals (rest in the 10 sec, work in the 20 sec) & jump however you want to.  Work up to 20 min of interval skipping.  If you don’t like skipping rope, do whatever you enjoy! 
  • Record your reps for each workout you do.  If you repeat a workout, you will be able to compare to previous scores.  The more detailed your entry, the better.  I note how much weight I use (if any), any modifications I do, & if I switch from full to modified moves (ex, 20 squat jumps/10 squats or 10 full push ups/10 knee push ups)
  • Do the Fit Test posted on (or something else you like) when you begin & repeat it occasionally.
  • Measure your body fat with calipers.  Here’s a post with instructions on how to do it yourself.  If you belong to a gym, someone there may be able to help you with this.  

See this series of posts by a Bodyrocker (Kate Rita) who was pregnant while Bodyrocking, & is a certified prenatal/postnatal fitness specialist.   She has her own website, which is linked on the Bodyrock posts.  Below are her posts featured on Bodyrock:

Following Kate-Rita’s guidelines, I made my own pregnancy workouts when I was pregnant with my son.  If you would like to try them, visit my pregnancy blog.
Not most of it.  For most moves involving equipment, you can make substitutions/modifications.  If you sub another exercise that works the same muscles, you’ll do fine.
This is a must!  If you can’t afford to buy a Gymboss, there are free options!  Do you have a smart phone?  iTunes & Android markets each have great interval timer apps for free.

1. Round Timer by transcendent systems is my favorite.  This app is the most like the clip-on Gymboss we all love.   The logo is a red alarm-looking bell.
2. Gymboss (logo is a black & white stick figure in a circle, who looks like he’s running).  The round timer app is super-easy to use, & Gymboss will let you build custom workouts.  Their app isn’t as easy as their timer but it’s nice.

Android: I like these equally:
1.”HIIT Interval Training” by Giorgi Regni (the logo has a runner’s silhouette).  Easy to use & you can save presets.
2. “A HIIT Interval Timer” by Pimpim Mobile (the logo looks like an analog clock). This one is also easy to use, but you can also make very specific workouts.  If you wanted, you could make each round say “jump rope, squats, knee raises, etc.”  I love both.

Here’s a link to a timer that you can use on your computer (updated 3/23/2012)


You can run or jump in place without a jump rope, but it’s so much better with a jump rope!  The $5 they cost is money well spent.  It is part of many BR workouts.  Jump roping used to be something I hated, but now I love it.  Time passes quickly with intervals, & my endurance has improved.  Make sure to wear well-cushioned shoes.  If your ankles, feet, or shins feel sore quickly, do what you can & work up to longer sessions.  You should improve with consistent practice.
Find something cushioned to use if you can’t afford a mat.  On vacation this year, I used 2 beach towels. 

Bodyrockers have been very creative when it comes to this piece of equipment.  I used to sub bent over rows for reverse pushups until I saw the broomstick chair suggestion.  For hanging leg raises, I either did lying leg lifts on the ground or hung from a bar at the gym. 
At Home
At a Gym
a walker
homemade (see Fitness Tips on the site)
countertop corners for leg raises
under a table, hold onto the top for reverse pushups
roman chair
pull up bars
parallel bars
treadmill handles?
This relatively new piece of equipment is similar enough to the dip station that I don’t plan to buy one.  If you do not have the equalizer, see the suggested dip station substitutions. 
A soft fitball makes a workout more challenging, but isn’t a must.  There are plenty of easy substitutions:
Regular medicine ball
Bosu ball
Omit & just use your own bodyweight
Dynamax makes a soft fitball which isn’t cheap, but it is more affordable than UGI.  I bought my 8# “Accelerator” from for about $91 after tax & shipping to California. 
You can also buy one directly from Dynamax.  Their website has more color options. 
At either home or the gym, these are thing people have used:
kitty litter
duffel bag dumbbells
a child
Filling materials for homemade or bought:
Sand, rocks, rice, salt.  Salt is cheap & compact.  I paid $6 for 25# at smart & final.  I split it into 6 baggies for easy weight adjustment).
Here’s an example of a homemade sandbag made from items you can find in your home.
Here’s a homemade pink sandbag that looks exactly like the one for sale.  It requires sewing.  The link will take you to a tutorial.

I don’t think it’s necessary, but I also don’t do pull ups (old injury).  These are easy to use at home & quite versatile.  Many of the hanging ab moves on the dip station could be done with a pull up bar.   See this old workout where Zuzana used a wall for pull ups & hanging knee raises.
See this tutorial for a ninja jump + sandbag pickup.  (Note 3/12/2012: I didn’t realize the former link was to a video that has been removed.  I found another tutorial…hopefully it doesn’t get pulled from the site!)
Yes & no.  Bodyrock used to be searchable, but as of May 2013, that has been disabled.  The Daily HIIT does have a search feature, but it isn’t a free-text one.  There is an awesome bodyrock workout search website. You can search by various criteria, like “rep-workout, intervals, skipping, no equipment,” etc.  (Note: it does not include workouts from the time Lisa-Marie & Sean took over hosting BRTV)
Remember that any exercise with equipment can be made into a bodyweight only variation.
See the Food/Diet tab on the site.  Diet is important…no matter how much you workout, a bad diet can sabotage your hard work!
This topic had been discussed at length.
Lululemon seems to be the most often worn brand.
This could be the most common reason people give for not working out.
Usually, there are little bits of time throughout the day that could be found to squeeze in activity.
After work, do a workout instead of going online or watching TV.
Workout while you watch TV.
Most of the workouts are 4 min segments repeated 3 times for a 12 min workout.  Do a 4 min workout if that’s all you have time for!  4 min may seem like nothing, but 4 min a day is better than nothing.
Personally, I solved this problem by exercising on my lunch break.  Here’s a copy of a post I wrote a while ago:
** Brief summary: Bodyrocking during my lunch break was the answer to not having enough time.**

Pre-Bodyrock, I used to do the standard workout routine of long cardio workouts & long strength training sessions.  I would spend a minimum of 60 minutes (usually 90 min) at the gym.  Between my commute (1 hour each way)  & my long work day (10 hr), it was difficult to get motivated to spend so much time working out, but I did it.  Then, I changed jobs.  I went from an active, on-my-feet-all-day job, to a sedentary one with the same schedule, same commute, & now I have to study.  I knew that if I didn’t find a way to 1) make sure I exercise consistently each day & 2) suppress my appetite a bit, I would probably gain weight.

Years ago, when I was a broke student with no time, I walked or went up & down stairs on my lunch break.  I went back to that habit.  I decided to work out in a park by work during my 1 hour lunch break using an app on the iphone, Nike training Camp.  I was very skeptical that their 15min – 45 min routines (including warm up/cool down) would be “enough.”  They were…but with about 6 routines to choose from, I started to get bored.  Around the same time, my friend Tara told me about Bodyrock.  I was hooked from the first workout.  Now I do them 6-7 times a week.  2-3 of those days are done at work on my lunch break.  Since starting, I have only done ONE workout like my old ones.  It was so boring that I stopped within 10 min & started a BR one instead!  

Some people ask me about working out at lunch & are turned off to it for many reasons.  
1) Preparation time 
2) Getting sweaty at work is icky
3) How can you have a good workout & eat in an hour?

Like most things, once you have a set routine, it’s easy.


At night I pack my workout clothes in a bag.  In that bag are toiletries.  I keep this at work: shoes, 2 sets of dumbbells, a yoga mat (in a bag), & a jump rope.  Since I will not have time to go buy lunch, I must pack my lunch. I always have done this, so it’s not any extra time.  I usually pack breakfast/snacks/lunch as I make dinner.  I pick my workouts ahead of time. 
I carry toiletries, workout clothes, & a change of some clothes with me in my bag.  I clean up within 7 min after my workout.  No one has said to me, “You stink.”  I have asked…  Also, I feel more alert & energized for the rest of the day!

I pick a few workouts at a time for work.  I choose ones that have minimal equipment, or that can be modified with what I keep at work.  5min warm up + 12 min workout + 6 min cool down = 23 min.  I have extra time to add in jump rope or a longer workout.  Say I add 20 min skipping –> 43 min total.  I can still clean up & eat fast.  The key is to prepare everything ahead of time.  I have coworkers who join me sometimes, & it’s nice to have someone else to workout with.  

Since starting Bodyrock workouts, the longest period I’ve gone without working out is 4 days.  If I don’t workout, I feel terrible.  Not because I feel guilty, but because I feel so much better if I move.   I say all the time that these workouts keep me happy, healthy, & sane.

Amazing websites with short, high intensity workouts for free.
Link to’s beginner guide (FAQ); Link to Visual Quick Start Guide 1/2012
Link to’s tips, including “How To Start Working Out With Us At Home”
Link to warm ups on
Link to cool down & stretching posts
A great website that you can you to quickly search by various criteria (reps, intervals, time, etc)
A free interval timer for your computer
The timer used on
This company sells the dip station, pull up bars, Indian clubs, & jump rope used on  They ship to the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, & New Zealand.
Link to’s dip station link. Here you can see posts about cheaper alternatives, ways others have saved money, & of course a link to the dip station.
Link to the Lebert Equalizer
You can buy one almost anywhere for very little.  This is the one sold by the dip station people.  
Can be found many places probably, but this is the one sold by Ultimate Body Press.
Link to’s sandbag link. Here you can see posts about less expensive alternatives, ways others have saved money, & of course a link to the sandbag.
Link to UGI
Dynamax Ball
Less expensive alternative, 14inch diameter.  Multiple weights & colors.
Unsupportive Family?
Possibly the best workout clothes ever….but pricey.
T-shirts & more
Freddy & the rest of the team are very active on Facebook.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hello. Thank you for having all the BR workouts (Zuzka's) all searchable. Now that her picture has been pulled from the BR page sidebars and some of the older workouts, I'm getting nervous that the workouts themselves will be pulled. I've been trying to go through them all and adding them to my binder that is already full of BR workouts, if/when that time comes.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I wish I could take credit for that searchable website! I found it randomly through a Facebook past one day. I love it, especially when I am indecisive about what to do. Recently I saw that also has many of the older workouts posted.

  3. Lababla says:

    Hi, I am impressed by what you did here. I am a bodyrocker too and have plenty of time now as on maternity leave. I wondered how I will get organized when I go back to work. I have a question when you workout at lunch time, where do you go ? just outdoors close to you work? or in a gym still? I find myself loosing too much time under  the shower (we do have showers at work, yay) So I do my stretching under the shower.

  4. JessJN says:

    Hi Lababla,

    Thank you.  I have two places to choose from.  Most days, I workout in a little room in my building that isn't used during lunch time & has ample space for me & 3 other people (usually I lead another person).  The advantage of the room is that it is right near my office so I have more time for warm-up/cool-down/extra skipping or bonuses. If the weather is beautiful or the room is taken, I walk to a park that is just under half a mile away.  I love the park, but if we go there it cuts into warm-up/cool-down time & we rarely have time for extra skipping.  If those bother were unavailable, I would probably to a patio near the building's employee lunch room….or go for a run.

    You are lucky to have showers at work!  The biggest tip I have is to be prepared: make your lunch & pack your gym bag at night so that you have less to think about in the morning.  Also, if possible, keep basics at your work space (mat, jump rope, weights, a bag to carry them, & shoes)so you won't have to carry so much to & from home everyday.  I hope that helps!

  5. Lababla says:

    thanks for your reply. I have definitely an issue with the place to workout. I can't do that indoors in my workingplace. I used to go run outside, and any place “quiet” is a mile away.(downhill)By experience, I know if I don't workout at lunch time, I won't do it when I get back home. However I should have the possibility to work from home 2-3 times a week.I guess I would rather have the days I work in the office as rest days and workout at home (week and week-end).

  6. JessJN says:

    That sounds like a great plan.  I have been known to stop mid run to do 10 pushups/20 walking lunges/10 squats every few minutes, too (I'm okay with looking like a crazy person in public).

  7. Laura says:

    Hi! Thank you for helping me to share my tutorial about the pink sandbag 🙂 Have fun!!!

  8. Guest says:

    Do you prefer Zuana's workout or Lisa-marie's?

  9. JessJN says:

    I like them equally.  

  10. Karli Lomax says:

    Wow! This blog is amazing! You are really good at explaining everything. I have been bodyrocking since last November and love it, but I wish I had found your blog back then! Thanks for sharing all this!

  11. JessJN says:

    Thanks, Karli!  

  12. Gutsiswhatineednow says:

    How often do you do your extra cardio?

  13. JessJN says:


    I almost always do extra cardio. The 3 days a week I workout on my day off, I usually add 12-20 minutes of jump rope in increments of 10sec rest/20sec work x 8 rounds (=4 min). The 2-3 days I workout on my lunch break, I do about 4-12 min extra jump rope depending on the day.

  14. PreciousMoon says:

    I love that you love love efficiency, and usually that means one is thorough as well, which is very evident on the blog. I hope every new bodyrocker visits your site! I've been bodyrocking for a few years but love the consolidation of information here. 
    I love that you workout during your lunch breaks, and may I suggest a couple of products for you: dry shampoo (Suave, Tresemme, Pssssst, lots of other drugstore brands available) and baby wipes. 

  15. JessJN says:

    I can't figure out why, but your comment & my reply won't show up on my site. I want you to know that I didn't delete your comment! I appreciate when someone takes time to comment. I hope that you received the reply I wrote earlier this week.

  16. Shanii says:

    I don't know if you'll answer this but I was wondering if you can do bodyrocking with bad knees since a lot of it is squatting, lunging and jumping…

  17. JessJN says:

    Do you see a doctor for your knees? I would ask them if there are exercises to avoid. My doctor would say, “If it hurts, don't do it.”

    I know of BR's with bad knees who do these routines, but they modify the moves that are rough on the knees. Ex: squat jumps , substitute weightless squats, no jump. Jump lunges, substitute regular lunges without weight. For any combination involving jumping, step into place instead. Eliminate weight from squats, lunges, & step ups. Don't do ninja jumps or jump tucks. I hope that helps!

  18. JessJN says:

    I'm sorry to hear that.  Swimming is an excellent workout & couldn't be easier on the knees.  You could do rep-based routines with upper body moves & abs from BR, but I understand what you mean about the effort to modify!  Much of BR's appeal is that you can just go online to get a workout without thinking about it too much. I hope you find something you like to do that is easy on your knees.

  19. Jen P says:

    I've got an angry knee right now, so I have been doing modified leg moves with a limited range of motion.  Sandbag swings are a good one to do as long as you listen to your knee.  Not being able to do the full workouts is extremely frustrating, but workouable. 

  20. Jen P says:

    That's “workable”.  🙂 

  21. Mo says:

    Thank you for posting this information. All of my questions were answered on how this work out works! I will be back to visit!

  22. JessJN says:

    I'm glad that you found my post helpful! Thanks for letting me know 🙂

  23. Laura says:

    Hi! it's Nehta (who did the sandbag on facebook)

    Since I uploaded the tutorial on my website , completed with people's questions, would you mind if I ask you to replace the link to my facebook page to my website? It's as you want.
    I will publish every picture of people's sandbags on it.

    Here is the address

    Thank you very much and keep on bodyrock!

  24. JessJN says:

    I recently updated my Disqus app & somehow wiped out all the previous comments. Oops!

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